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Simeji Japanese Input + Emoji


Simeji is a free Japanese input keyboard that has reached over 20M downloads! It comes with a skinnable keyboard, cute emoticons, emoji, and more!This is the most popular keyboard app in Japan! Try it today!Simeji is a keyboard with these features!◆Skinnable keyboard- Add a wallpaper to your keyboard using a photo or image!- Chock-full of keyboard themes!- Also lots of features to change your text color and decorate your flick keyboard.◆Use cute emoticons and emoji- See the emoticon and emoji rankings to find the most popular ones!- Popular emoticons can be inserted immediately and let you add some spice to your chats on LINE, Twitter, and Facebook!
◆Robust Japanese input and conversion features- The cloud-based dictionary contains 2M entries, covering everything from anime slang to the latest buzzwords- Lots of preset phrases you can use for Nico Nico, in-game chat, telling someone you're late, and more- As requested by users, the "Fun conversion" feature has now been added! There's also the "Everyone's Dictionary" feature, which lets you share cute emoticons with others.
◆Easy keyboard input- Rapidly switch from the top of the keyboard to select emoticons, emoji, numerals, and special characters
◆Popular Simeji stickers- Comes with the popular set of Simeji stickers New fun stickers are being uploaded by users every day! These cool stickers are free to use!
◆ASCII art and mushroom function- Easily insert from a range of over 500 ASCII art designs and emoji- Long tap on the あ/A button to set your own text expansion dictionary
Mushroom button: opens the control panel and gives you access to Simeji's range of featuresThe mushroom button lets you:(1) Turn on/off super cloud conversion(2) Switch keyboards (flick, QWERTY, etc.)(3) Global rankings(4) Copy/paste function(5) User dictionary entry(6) Turn one-line suggestions on/off(7) Keyboard sounds(8) Real-time side-by-side translation: Japanese to English, Chinese, Korean *1(9) Text recognition: optical recognition of text in a photograph. Use to store business cards, etc. *2(10) Align keyboard to left (11) Adjust keyboard height(12) Flick keyboard only: turn on/off simultaneous use of flick and regular keyboard(13) Speech to text(14) Emoticon and emoji conversion: when on, displays potential emoticon/emoji candidates for text you type(15) Fun conversion: when on, displays fun conversions like displaying weather info based on the name of a place(16) Address selection: turn on/off predictive display of names in address book(17) Record voice: launches Simeji expansion app, Super Voice Conversion(18) Detailed settings*1 and *2 require registration in paid Premium Service
Themes: choose from a wide range of themes. The My Box tab also lets you open a feature where you can make a theme with your own pictures and images.Emoji: easily search for the emoji you want from various categories.Shortcuts and text stickers: insert phrases you often use, in-game chat, business phrases, and more, all at a tap. Great for greetings and salutations, celebrations, or even ASCII text art of animals. The ASCII panel can be accessed from here.Simeji stickers: displays a wide range of free Simeji stickers. Tap the ♥ icon to save ones you like to your keyboard. Use these to add a twist to your chats and texts. We've also added a feature where you can upload your own stickers.
Premium service:This optional service is available for 240 JPY/mo. Signing up gives you access to a ton of features, including new free skins monthly, an expanded cloud dictionary, real-time side-by-side translation from Japanese into English, Chinese, and Korean, and the Premium Backup tool, which lets you keep your user dictionary even if you change phones.